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Gold should be an important part of a diversified investment portfolio because its price increases in response to events that cause the value of paper investments, such as stocks and bonds, to decline. Although the price of gold can be volatile in the short term, it has always maintained its value over the long term.

Has gold been a good investment over the long term? When evaluating the performance of gold as an investment over the long term, it really depends on the time period being analyzed. … Over the past 15 years, the price of gold has increased by 315%, roughly the same as the 30-year return.

Is Silver a Good Investment? … For thousands of years, silver has maintained a positive market demand as an investment, currency and store of value. Silver’smarket demand is still dominated by bullion coins, industrial products and jewelry. This precious metal also features in the stocks exchange as a traded product.

Among all the precious metals, silver, by virtue of being more affordable, has been a preferred choice of masses for ornaments and bullion investment. There is agood market, which offers fair price discovery and reasonable liquidity. All of these make this precious metal a good investment asset for many.

When you own gold you’re fighting every central bank in the world. That’s because gold is a currency that competes with government currencies and has a powerful influence on interest rates and the price of government bonds. And that’s why central banks long have tried to suppress the price of gold. Gold is the ticket out of the central banking system, the escape from coercive central bank and government power.

James Rickards

The new case for gold

Business opportunity

About Utopian Global

Mr William Rowell the CEO and Founder of Utopian Global, has been an entrepreneur since 1986 as a hotel group owner, in the 1990’s he invested in 3 business with Robert T Kiyosaki, 2003 he met a Bullion banker Philip Judge, who introduced him to the world of Precious Metals, 2004 he invested in an Energy fund with the bullion banker and Mr Ryan Messer.

He has investment experience in the energy resource space going back 15 years, a licensed precious metal trader in the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre, UAE and in the last 3 years expanded his business to include virtual digital currencies and the underlying validation process, cloud-based blockchain mining.

Utopian Global has strong business relationships with STORH and Argor-Heraeus SA. Precious Metals have been a core product with in the Utopian Global Network. Helping ordinary people to own LBMA Certified precious metals.




  • LBMA Physical Committee. The Physical Committee is made up of industry experts from the physical bullion market. It is responsible for monitoring, developing and protecting the Good Delivery List and works closely with sub-Groups such as the LBMA Referees and the LBMA's Vault Managers Working Party.

World's largest precious metals refineries

  • Argor-Heraeus is one of Switzerland's and the world's largest precious metals refineries. The Argor-Heraeus refinery is located in Mendrisio in the Canton of Ticino, in Southern Switzerland.

Basic Package

  • Buy Gold/Silver Wholesale 3%
  • Precious Metals Buy Back – NO FEES
  • Swiss & Dubai Free LBMA Storage
  • Physical Delivery

Elite Package

  • Buy Gold/Silver Wholesale 3%​
  • Precious Metals Buy Back – NO FEES
  • Swiss & Dubai Free LBMA Storage
  • Physical Delivery​

Bullion Package

  • Buy Gold/Silver Wholesale 3%​​
  • Precious Metals Buy Back – NO FEES
  • Swiss & Dubai Free LBMA Storage​
  • Physical Delivery​​

Features to start, sell & grow

11 Years in Industry

  • Available in most countries
  • Accept Credit Card, Bank Transfers and BTC Payments
  • Exclusive Marketing arm to Storh
  • Customer Focused & IBO opportunity

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